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Question of the Day - 09/19/2013
The U. S. Constitution set up a representative republic where citizens would serve a brief stint in the central government to fight for the interests of the people, of which they themselves were members, against the natural inclination of government to usurp those interests  

Are we still a representative republic?

Conclusion 1 - Yes, of course these genius statesmen, these empathetic and altruistic saints, spend every waking hour fighting for the rights and concerns of the everyday American citizen.  They alone are able to throw aside the base self-interest that guides the actions of we mere mortals.  After all, they possess the ambition, guile, avarice and chicanery required to seduce voters into elevating them to exalted leadership positions!  How could they comport themselves other than in benevolent pursuits!

 Conclusion 2 - No!  These political hacks, these career politicians, who never expect to exist in the private sector, who have no interests outside of political office, who do not expect to ever be subject to the laws that they pass, work only in the interests of the government that they serve; the entity that gives them all that they have and all that they ever hope to have.  Their only interest in the everyday citizen is how they can transfer his liberty and property to themselves, since they are apart and separate from these recalcitrant masses who attempt to thwart their deserved desires for ever increasing degrees of wealth and power.  Far from advocating the interests of "the masses", they consider "the masses" to be their irreconcilable enemies and opponents at every turn!

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Column of the Day - 4/27/2010

The Democrats held onto a report from HHS that would have put the lie to all their claims of good things in the "Health Care" bill.

This is proof for the idiots that believed them that they weren't misled or even misguided.  They deliberately lied to pass this horror.

The real question is, "Since they knew it was a horror and would not do what it claimed, why were they so frantic to pass it?"


Commentary - 08/27/2013

The Commies are spittle-spewing apoplectic about the North Carolina voting law. They claim that it will suppress the vote for certain of the big-government client groups. Well, they are right! Of course enforcing the integrity of the vote will weed out some of their base! And the commies never use political power for electoral advantage now do they? Ha ha! Only with every action, word and policy. Voter manipulation through government action is a holy sacrament of the anti-Constitution Party. It's nice to see some Repubes fighting back.

The Peace-Loving Left
November 8, 2008 - A locust-like hoard of sexual deviants swarm somewhere in California to demand that society elevate their perversions to a sacrament.  You can plainly see that they would like to rip this old lady to pieces.

The Worldview of Moe Von d'Orque
Our automakers can perform as well as anybody's  
(If they do it in another country)
Daniel Pipes on  Islamo-fascists.

Victor Davis Hanson - Waiting for the next blow - that we know will come.

The Religion of Peace updates.
Mohammed Cartoons
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Take Back America Rally - 09/12/2010
A great day with fellow patriots!

March on Washington - 11/5/2009
Ten thousand showed up at 3 day's notice - amazing!

March on Washington - 9/12/2009
The Tea Party patriots went down to DC by the hundreds of thousands

America Suicide Watch  
Watch the day-by-day, blow-by-blow demise of America.  Don't miss a minute of the thrills!

My reference library on this stupid global warming hysteria

Montstock 2011
Bergen County Freeholders Flyer

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